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 Stereo Microscopes


SMZ-1500 15x Zoom Highest specification  in the industry for zoom, resolution, and optical correction


SMZ-1000 10x zoom Advanced Research stereo microscope Brochure
SMZ-800 6.3x zoom Basic research stereo microscope Brochure
SMZ645/smz660 6.3x zoom Inspection / dissection routine stereo microscopes for routine work.  Brochure
SMZ-445/ SMZ-460 4.3x zoom 8x to 35x zoom range inspection stereo microscopes for routine work.  
SSCOSZ600 6.7x zoom Economic stereo zoom microscope and accessories Brochure
      Stereo  magnification,  zoom range, and field-of-view Table Brochure
    Stereo lighting systems Brochure
    Stereo Fluorescence System Brochure
  Dual Turret Dual objective turret for SMZ-1500 Brochure
  83011 kit Upgrade kit for simple diascopic stand 83011 with 150 watt fiber illuminator, high resolution slot aperture, turret objective holder with 1.6x and special 0.5x completely parfocal objectives, and  analyzer for the 1.6x  (83482) or special 0.5x objectives.  


AZ100 Multizoom


5x to 400x Zoom

A new solution for macro imaging applications for biomedical and industrial markets. It covers an extremely wide range of magnifications, from 5x to 400x, effectively combining the advantages provided by stereo zoom microscopes and compound microscopes.