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 Systems and Software

including confocal, image analysis, spectral imaging, physiology incubators, image archiving, industrial measuring

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Confocal Microscopes


Nikon C1Plus Confocal Microscope System

Physically remove haze and out of focus light from fluorescent images to resolve in the z-axis down to 0.5 um.  This system can be coupled with our deconvolution systems and 3D reconstruction software packages and is available on upright or inverted microscopes

True spectral imaging Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope


Nikon Swept Field Confocal

The LiveScan SFC offers you:
Speed: the fastest data acquisition speeds of any commercially available confocal system
Maximum acquisition frame rate exceeding 1000 frames/second in slit scan mode
up to 120 frames/second in pinhole mode for high resolution
High Efficiency Optical System: Swept field technology and state-of-the art optics yield a high rate of photon capture, in the range of 440-700nm
Multiple Laser Configuration Options
Multiple Wavelength Scanning: possibility of up to 6 wavelengths in one fiber and single or dual fiber outputs
Compatible with TIRF Illumination



Image Analysis, Ratio and 3D

Nikon NIS-Elements software Control software for Nikon, Roper, and Q-Imaging digital cameras, Nikon automated microscopes and accessories, image archiving, image analysis, 7D imaging, deconvolution, C+ macro language, industrial and biomedical imaging
Optigrid/Phylum Live Structured Light confocal image system.

Media Cybernetics


Image analysis, automation, digital deconvolution, 3D reconstruction, Pharmaceutical FDA compliance, macro programmable, visual basic interface, training classes, digital camera capture kits, metal grain sizing, software development kit, gel analysis, custom macro programming


Autoquant Now a subsidiary of Media Cybernetics Deconvolution and 3D reconstruction software for widefield fluorescence and confocal microscopes, stack realignment, FRET analysis
Optical Insights Now a subsidiary of Photomentrics. Dual-View and  Spectral DV fluorescence Unmixing System includes hardware and software to separate spectrally similar fluorescence probes based on their characteristic spectra



Mac and PC platforms, Image analysis, calcium ratio imaging, automation, digital deconvolution, 3D reconstruction, gel analysis, micro-array & Elispot analysis




Nikon Specialty systems


Nikon TIRF System

The Nikon TIRF system makes use of the new Stratum architecture of the TE2000 microscope.  The technique allows you to view real-time fluorescence events in a 50nm confocal slice in directly adjacent to the cover slip.

Thermo Plate Nikon Tokai Hit Thermo Plate Warming Stage with ambient to 50 degree thermocouple control.  Available for inverted, upright and stereo microscopes

Nikon Imaging Computers

Nikon now manufactures computers specifically designed for and tested with the cameras we sell



Nikon Business Partners



Metrology and measuring software

Solent Scientific

Transparent Environmental chamber for any microscope or Confocal microscope system with control for temperature, CO2, and humidity


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