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Kit upgrade of simple stand 83011

 ...takes the inexpensive simple diascopic stand 83011 and improves its performance to that of the more expensive diascopic stands, such as the 83411 or 83408, with a 150 watt fiber illuminator.  In addition, we offer additional new accessories including a special parfocal 0.5x objective, an analyzer for the 1.6x or 0.5x objectives, a 32mm column adapter, and lan extra large stage

Side view of upgrade to to simple diascopic stand 83011 showing 150 watt fiber illuminator, turret objective holder with 1.6x and special 0.5x completely parfocal objective, analyzer for the 1.6x objective (83482).
Angled view of upgrade to to simple diascopic stand 83011 showing in particular the large plate stage  for well plates
Close up of the slot aperture modification to the 83011 that increases the angle of light emitted, and therefore the resolution of the system


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*GIF animation at top is a conoscopic image of quartz captured through an E600pol microscope using the Nikon DXM-1200 digital camera.  Courtesy of Daniel Sparling, former employee and now clergyman in training