Cooke Sensicam QE

The SensiCam is a true 12-bit cooled "Digital Imaging System" that utilizes the latest in CCD and digitization technology, making it the most flexible High Performance CCD camera on the market. The new SensiCam QE features enhanced visible and NIR quantum efficiency.

Chip Size 2/3" C-mount
Pixel Resolution 1376 x 1040
Pixel Size  6.45 x 6.45 um
Bit Depth 12 bit
Frame rate  10 fps full resolution, up to 200 fps binned
Spectral Response 280 to 1100 nm

Cooke PixelFly Camera

PixelFly is a High Performance Digital CCD Camera System, featuring the latest in CCD and electronics technology. The system features an ultra-compact camera head which connects to either a standard or compact PCI board via a high speed data link. An on-board processor with a total of eight configurable, isolated inputs/outputs is used for triggering and control functions.  Digital Temperature Compensation enables the PixelFly to maintain the same noise performance regardless of any ambient temperature fluctuations. This is achieved by changing the gain and offset in real time, while maintaining data integrity.  For integration times up to 10 seconds, the PixelFly demonstrates similar performance to cooled cameras. All camera functions are remotely controlled with imaging software.

Up to 1360 x 1024 pixel resolution, 12-bit dynamic range, Low light sensitivity, Monochrome or color, Digital temperature compensation, Smooth color/smooth contrast, Readout noise 12 electrons (typical), Exposure time 1/100,000 to 10 seconds, Captures 2 images with short, interframing time, Super-compact robust design, High speed data transfer up to 10 m, Standard or compact PCI control board included, Integrated front-end processor with optocoupler input and high-side driver.

Chip Size 1/2" C-mount
Pixel Resolution 1360 x 1024
Pixel Size  4.65 x 4.65 um
Bit Depth 12 bit
Frame rate  9.5 fps full resolution, up to 18 fps binned
Spectral Response 280 to 1000 nm



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