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The Nikon DXM1200c 12.6 Megapixel brilliant digital images with advanced technology: Nikon's non-interpolating IPS (Inter Pixel Stepping) high density imaging technology offers the capability for breathtaking images of up to 12.6 million output pixels at resolutions of 4,116 x 3,072, enabling enlarged image data for documentation and publication-quality printing.

Peltier Cooling Device & Low-Noise design allows clear, low-light image capture: Nikon's exclusive signal-to-noise digital circuit technology design incorporates a Peltier cooling mechanism that significantly reduces heat induced noise. The new CCD sensor provides improved image resolution and the new software provides enhanced camera control, digital viewing and capture of images in standard and ultra low-light applications.

High speed data transfer to accommodate work efficiency and precision: Live image displays at high speed data transfers of 12 frames per second for precise viewing and focusing surpasses previous imaging standards.

ACT-1C Software INCLUDED: Intuitive ACT-1C software operational capabilities simplify imaging enhancements and corrections with the click of the mouse. Live field of view frames available to capture the precise on-screen image at up to 14 different file modes & image sizes. ACT-1C offers the flexibility of Auto-Exposure or manual exposure preferences. File merging capabilities for multi-channel imaging applications is also available.

Direct PC-to-Camera Connection: The DXM1200C camera head connects to the PC via a single cable to the PCI interface board installed into the computer without additional wiring or power source.

Standard C-mount attachment of the DXM1200C camera allows a wide selection of magnifications: Nikon has developed a new wide-field relay lens exclusively for the DXM1200C. Nikon recommends the C-Mount 0.7X DXM Relay Lens, designed to provide less shading and more flatness in the images [optional].


Nikon DXM1200c Specifications

Image Size: 4,116 (H) X 3,072 (V) pixels (max. in Fine mode); 1,372 (H) X 1,024 (V) (max. in Quick mode)
CCD: 2/3-in. high-density ; total number of pixels: 1.4 million (effective 1.34 million)
Lens Mount: C-mount
Sensitivity setting: 3 levels selectable: Normal, High and Max.
Exposure control: Manual,  automatic, or continuous automatic
Auto white balance: Can be preset by selecting a point or rectangle.
Exposure time: 1/16,000 to 60 sec.
Cooling: To 20 degrees below ambient

The Nikon DS-L2  connecting to a PC

This versatile controller can connect to a PC and drive the Nikon DS cameras just like the U2 controller in conjunction with NIS-elements F

When used in standalone mode, without a PC, you get...a large, built-in 8.4in. LCD display, no PC required. Save images directly to memory stick, Compact Flash card, or network, simple operation with a mouse, on-screen GUI , true natural color representation ,two USB ports, no need for a USB hub, DVI-I digital output for external display (SXGA, XGA) , flexible configurations with any Digital Sight camera

For Telepathology, the DS-L2 hooks directly to the internet with an ethernet cable.  The DS-L2 has its own IP address, and camera images can be accessed over the internet with MS Internet Explorer or equivalent.  The viewing speed is dependent on the speed of the network, but can be Real-Time.  High resolution capture can be done over the internet.


Nikon DS-L2 Specifications

Storage Media: Direct USB connection to PC, 2560 x 1920 pixels (max);PCMCIA Type II, USB memory stick
Frame rate Limited by camera choice
Exposure Control Adjustable automatic preview and capture (AE with Center-weighted average metering), Shutter-priority, Manual
Networking: Ethernet (10-base-T), HTTP, Telnet, or FTP Server, FTP Client

Nikon DS-U2

Live images can be viewed, recorded, measured, processed, and analyzed by connecting to a PC via USB 2.0

Sophisticaed, thin, compact design

Bundled with NIS-Elements "F" package for basic image capturing

Flexible configurations with any Digital Sight camera


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