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Nikon TS100F Tissue Culture Invert5ed Microscope

 The new Eclipse TS100 is an innovative and efficient inverted routine microscope. This high quality tool complements any research facility.

Improved Mechanics and Increased Stability -- Nikon has developed a robust, rigid vibration resistant design that greatly reduces vibrations and improves operation.

Image Documentation -- Nikon offers the TS100 binocular and TS100-F trinocular models. The TS100-F trinocular model comes with a photo port that accepts Nikon's FX-III series photomicrographic systems, CCTV camera, or digital camera.

Epi-Fluorescence Available on All TS100 Models -- Both the TS100 and TS100-F accept the Epi-fluorescence attachment, which has become a required accessory for many applications. All of Nikon's standard filter cubes (over 35 cubes listed) can be easily inserted into this attachment, which holds two cubes. A third open position with automatic dark slide allows quick transition to brightfield or phase contrast.

Superb Ergonomics -- The angle of the eyepiece is inclined to 45 degrees and the eyepoint height is adjusted to 400mm to allow for easy viewing in a natural posture either sitting or standing.

New ADL Phase Contrast Objectives -- Developed to improve observation under phase contrast microscopy, this exclusive, patented technology solved the problem of producing halos and images where fine details are lost in high-contrast shadow areas.

CFI60 Optical System -- Longer working distances with highest NA objectives.

Outstanding Optical Performance -- CFI60 optics offer brilliant, sharp images in all magnifications. Objectives deliver superb optical performance with high resolution and contrast, chromatic aberration free correction (CF), and top transmission rates. CFI60 optics also allow the use of multiple observation techniques such as brightfield, darkfield, DIC, epi-fluorescence, phase contrast.

Efficient User Friendly Stage -- The stage features a low profile, making it the ideal size for a lab bench or under a safety hood. Plus, the acrylic window insert on the stage makes it easy for the operator to see which objective is being used without removing the specimen from the stage.

A Complete Line of Accessories is available featuring mechanical stage, warming stage, micromanipulators and epi-fluorescence attachment.


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*GIF animation at top is a conoscopic image of quartz captured through an E600pol microscope using the Nikon DXM-1200 digital camera.  Courtesy of Daniel Sparling, former employee and now clergyman in training