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Nikon TE2000 Inverted Research Microscope

High Precision - Multi-Mode - Live Cell Microscopy with Automation - The TE2000 is available in 3 models, all featuring an exclusive multi-port design. Coupled with an extendable main body structure, all models can be flexibly configured to meet the progressively advanced and diversified applications of today and tomorrow.

Designed for System Expandability - The first inverted microscope to take full advantage of and utilize the infinity space; Multi-port design enables optical input/output of light and images from a wide variety of illumination and detector equipment; Extendable "Stratum Structure" configuration permits the addition of an optional light source and other attachments within the infinity path without modifying the microscope; Allows for the insertion of laser adapter for introducing laser illumination into the microscope for techniques such as TIRF, FRAP, Tweezers, or laser micro dissection; Enables the use of standard Epi-Fluorescence techniques simultaneously or sequentially or the use of other techniques such as high-resolution deconvolution and 3D imaging.

Outstanding Mechanical Precision - New high-strength alloy material, M-45, used in mainbody to achieve stability that supports greater precision, resistant to ambient temperature fluctuations; does not affect the microscope's precision to produce stable, non-drifting, focused images; Optimal structure design using CAE simulation for stability and high resistance to vibrations ensures stable imaging over a long period of time, incorporates improved precision of the focusing movement; New Condenser mounting with higher precision.

Outstanding Mechanical Precision TE2000E only - Super-nanoprecision Z-axis motorized focus with linear encoded feedback control perfect for precise imaging in 3D.

Highest Optical Performance - Exclusive Nikon CFI60 optical system ensures excellent resolution with high numerical apertures and longer working distances; New DIC prisms for 10X and 20X to ensure even field illumination; New user selectable imaging adapters for front port, direct C-mount, digital D1X or SLR mounts with correct image format.

Highest Optical Performance TE2000E & TE2000U - Integrated 1.5X magnification changeover to all imaging ports; Exclusive 5-way light path changeover with 5th position user selectable beamsplitting prism choices.

Highest Optical Performance TE2000S - Two-way light path.

Unprecedented Fluorescence Imaging Performance - New right angle Epi-fl illuminator features higher excitation throughput, ability to adjust lamphouse, removable and centerable field and apertures, ND filters; 6-positon filter turret, currently the most available on inverted, easy to change filter cubes with no tools or disassembly; New style 25mm filter cubes to allow easy changing and modification to standard exciter and barrier filters. Allows for even greater signal to noise ratio imaging.

Higher signal-to-noise ratio by eliminating stray light - Epi-fl attachment features Nikon's exclusive "Noise Terminator«" technology. Unique design eliminates the possibility of stray light that may escape from the fluorescence filter cube, reducing contrast and introducing photon noise into the image path; Optional new zooming light source adapter for higher intensity illumination allows the image of the Mercury or Xenon arc to be enlarged to better fill the back aperture of the objective, resulting in brighter fluorescence images; TIRF adapter and special optics (under development, coming Spring 2002).

Integrated & Modular Automation Accessories & Control - All TE2000 models have the flexibility of using motorized accessories; Retrofitable motorized accessories can easily be added to achieve any desired level of research imaging techniques; The dedicated communications controller hub enables external control of the microscope from a PC, making it easy to integrate image analysis using commercial image processing software; Stand-alone operation of any motorized option is available via a "Smart Touch" control pad; Motorized options can be retrofitted in these sections: motorized 6-place DIC type nosepiece, motorized system condenser, motorized Epi-fl filter cube switching, motorized Epi-fl shutter, motorized DIC analyzer, motorized excitation filter wheel, motorized barrier filter wheel, motorized attachable remote focus driver, all are connected through and controlled by the communications hub or "Smart Touch" control pad; Third party motorized stages (Prior or Ludl) and fast shutters (Uniblitz) can also be connected through the hub controller - PC software control commands documented in user manual and available in SDK.

Integrated and Modular Automation Accessories and Control -TE2000E only - Integrated into the stand is a high precision Z-axis automated focus featuring linear encoded Z-axis readout of 0.05 microns minimum steps; Motorized 5-way light path changeover that is user configurable for the proportion of the light splits to each of the 5 output ports; vibration-free, ideal for advanced research, 3D, imaging, including Confocal microscopy and deconvolution processing.

User-friendly ergonomic design - An ergonomic tilting eyepiece tube is available as an option. Furnished with built-in Bertrand lens, the inclination angle is adjustable from 15-45║ (Q1 2001)

Three models to choose from: TE2000E, TE2000U and TE2000S


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*GIF animation at top is a conoscopic image of quartz captured through an E600pol microscope using the Nikon DXM-1200 digital camera.  Courtesy of Daniel Sparling, former employee and now clergyman in training