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Nikon TE2000-PFS Perfect Focus System


Always in perfect focus. When the PFS feature is turned on, the position of the coverslip is always detected during observation, and the data is continuously fed back to the focusing mechanism thanks to Nikonís proprietary COF (Continuous Optical Feedback) technology.*

Perfect focus to the plane of interest. Focus is continuously corrected at any plane of interest throughout the specimen by the Optical Offset feature*.

High-precision focusing. By combining the highly sensitive focus detection system and the extremely accurate Z-axis control system of the TE2000-E, focusing precision of less than 1/3 the focal depth of the objective is achieved.

Long-term focal maintenance. Just turn the PFS on - consistent focus will be maintained, even for several days.

Focus detection with infrared light. PFS uses a 770nm wavelength LCD (which does not affect fluorescence observation) for focus detection. Therefore, observations and focus maintenance are carried out simultaneously, with no effect on captured images.

Supports all observation methods. PFS is compatible with a wide array of observation methods, from brightfield, fluorescence to DIC, TIRF, phase contrast, and others.

PFS strongly supports live cell applications such as Laser TIRF and White-light TIRF Multi-fluorescence Imaging.

Acclaimed CFI60 objectives. Nikon's CFI60 infinity objectives provide high numerical apertures and long working distances. Since tube-lens focal length is 200mm, there is no aberration even when various optical components are introduced into the optical path.

Can be operated from a PC using third-party application software.

Objective anti-collision mechanism prevents objectives from hitting the stage when changing magnifications.

Five output ports, including a bottom port, are standard and can be easily switched via motorized control.

*Patent pending


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*GIF animation at top is a conoscopic image of quartz captured through an E600pol microscope using the Nikon DXM-1200 digital camera.  Courtesy of Daniel Sparling, former employee and now clergyman in training