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Nikon NT88NE Micromanipulation System for IVF

The NT-88NE provides microscopic and precise specimen micromanipulation required during experiments in the fields of IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), especially ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection), biotechnology, and electrophysiology.

Hydraulic Fine Micromanipulator (MO-188NE) - Utilizes Hanging Joystick design for optimal ergonomics and user comfort during long periods of use; X-axis control knobs are located symmetrically on opposite sides of the joystick to eliminate left side/right side positioning problems; 10mm X-Y operating range provides versatility in manipulation at lower magnifications.

Optional precise Manual Coarse Manipulator provides a cost-effective option to motorized coarse manipulators.

Universal Joint U-NE allows the pipette holder to be moved in a single direction. Angle adjustment for both vertical and horizontal directions is possible via two separate control knobs.

The HI-7 pipette holder provides improved protection against oil leaks. Alignment of the pipette tip in the microscope field is now a simple procedure with the rotating mechanism HIR.

Assembly of the micromanipulator is fast and easy due to the one-piece, extremely stable mounting adapter.

A wide assortment of microinjectors is available for specimen holding and specimen injecting based on researchersí requirements.


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