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Image J Plug-in to read ND2 Datasets

Many customers have asked for the ability to view their ND2 image data on computers that do not have a NIS-Elements license.This plug in will allow customers to share, display, quickly view their image sets.

What is ImageJ?

The life science research community has contributed to the development of this free software platform that is hosted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). ImageJ platform can perform acquisition, analysis and visualization.


How can I get ImageJ?

The core software platform can be downloaded here:


This download and installation is very quick and simple. You probably need the Java version.   

What does the ND2 Reader Plugin do?

The plug-in provides:

- basic opening and viewing of multi-dimensional image sets generated from NIS-Elements (the ND2 file).

- play controls for time, multi-channel, Z, multi-stage point

- display settings and options

- export to TIFF and AVI file formats  


How can I get the ND Reader Plugin?

From your Nikon Rep.  

What are the limitations to this plugin?

Unlike NIS-Elements and other imaging software packages, ImageJ loads in the whole dataset all at once. For larger datasets, ImageJ may run out of memory.


There is an FAQ on the ImageJ site to optimize ImageJís memory settings:



This plug-in was developed as an aid to help our users view and export their data. However, as ImageJ is not a Nikon product, we can not guarantee or support the stability and performance of the software.

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