Nikon MM400 and MM800 Universal Measuring Microscopes

Z-axis Measurements - Significantly Higher Precision and Efficiency. Nikon's newly developed optical Focusing Aid enables much more accurate measurements of the Z-axis. The measuring microscopes also have a linear glass scale that covers the full range of vertical movements. Together, the focusing aid and scale yield a substantial improvement in the reliability of Z-axis measurements.

3-Step and 2-Step Coarse/Fine Focusing Knobs Allow Fine Adjustment Over the Full Range of Vertical Movements. Each of the focusing knobs for super-coarse, coarse and fine adjustments can be made over the entire range of travel. The knobs are placed within easy reach of the operator.

A full line of Nikon measuring objectives are available. These optics are flat field with long working distances and are manufactured specifically for measuring.

Accommodating Wide-Stroke Stages. Using CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) analysis, Nikon has developed rigid body designs that are optimized to allow the incorporation of long-stroke stages while maintaining high accuracy: 250 x 150mm for the MM-60 and 150 x 100mm for the MM-40.

All VM-40 and VM-60 Video Measurescopes come with a five year optical/mechanical and one year electrical warranty and are backed by a nationwide network for service and support.

Designed with an Emphasis on Convenience to Shorten Measuring Time. Bright, low-flare optical systems, illuminators with continuous lighting, a new vertical-movement system, three-axis digital counter and other features are part of an overall ease of operation that supports swift measurements.

Modular Design so that Accessories Can be Added. The microscope stand is made to accommodate a number of accessories including digital read-outs, CCTV camera system, data processors and stage motorization kit.

Nikonís Video Measurescopes offer a wide selection of precision stages and stage accessories TTL (through the lens) illumination and a zoom lens option


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