Nikon E200D Semiconductor Inspection Microscope with 8x8" Stage

Both Episcopic and Diascopic Illumination -- A built-in 12V/100W halogen lamp light source, aperture diaphragm and LWD condenser give you the option of doing diascopic (transmitted light) observation as well as episcopic (reflected light) observation.

CFI60 LU/L Infinity Optical System -- The L200 series of microscopes incorporate CFI60 LU/L Infinity Optics providing images with excellent clarity, high contrast, and a minimum of flare - High numerical apertures and longer working distances.

Rigid, Stable Design -- Using CAE (Computer Aided Engineering), Nikon has dramatically increased the rigidity of the L200 series making them extremely stable and resistant to vibration.

ESD Design -- The bodies of these microscopes are finished with an ESD (electrostatic discharge) coating to prevent particles from adhering. The built-in motorized nosepiece uses a shielded center-motor that traps foreign particles inside, preventing them from falling onto the sample.

Ergonomic Design -- Controls and knobs are positioned low and close to the operator and the eye point is set at the ideal height for comfortable operation.

Tilting Trinocular Eyepiece Tube -- The Tilting Trinocular Eyepiece Tube allows continuous adjustment of the tilt angle from 0-30 degrees.

Improved Illumination System -- A new illumination system improves signal/background ratio and the sensitivity of these microscopes under darkfield observations to detect minute scratches and surface irregularities within the sample.

Focus Target -- The addition of a focus target that easily moves in and out of the optical path allows for easier focusing on bright samples such as bare wafers.

Wafer Loader Compatibility -- The L200D has been designed to work with the NWL860 series wafer loaders.


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*GIF animation at top is a conoscopic image of quartz captured through an E600pol microscope using the Nikon DXM-1200 digital camera.  Courtesy of Daniel Sparling, former employee and now clergyman in training