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Nikon FN1 Physiostation

The world's first water dipping objective with depth induced aberration correction. The Plan 100x W objective (N.A. 1.1, W.D. 2.5mm) is the world's first water dipping lens with a correction collar. this ring corrects for spherical aberattion induced by imaging deep in tissue or by working at physiological temperatures. The results are an extraordinary image with outstanding z-axis resolution for IR-DIC and multiphoton imaging applications.

"I" Shaped Body. The simple and slim "I" shaped body provides more working are above and below the stage. This allows greater access to postion the manipulators, stimulators, flow chambers and other types of equipment for electrophysiology applications.

Open space under the condenser. Additional space under the condenser provides more room for the installation of filters or prisms and easier alignment.

Up front table level access. Focus and field diaphragm controls are located on the front portion of the microscope. The coarse/fine focus knobs are located on both sides of the base., front and rear, for easy access. The optional fiber optic light transmitted light source includes a compact remote control unit with ON/OFF and light intensity control.

Parfocal and Parcentric Adjustment. Parfocal distance of both the front and rear objectives can be adjusted independently for perfectly matched focus. The front objective can be centered to avoid image shift when switching to higher magnification.

15mm Up Down movement for both objectives. The 2-position nosepiece slides front to back, so that the objectives do not collide with the manipulator when changing the magnification. The 15mm vertical retraction distance makes it easier to exchange Petri dishes. Both objectives can now be dipped and have safe, accurate dipping operation.

New Waterproof LWD condenser. The newly developed LWD condenser provides a longer working distance (8.2mm) between the specimen and the condenser, making it now suitable for intra-vital experiments. The new LWD turret condenser provides convenient selection of brightfield, DIC, and Oblique Light illumination. Also, the condenser surface is waterproof with a built-in drain to catch spills. The condenser can be easily removed for cleaning without disturbing the manipulators.

New Polarizing Turret. The newly designed Polarizer Turret can accept both Visible-DIC and IR-DIC polarizers. Now, changing from visible IR (infrared) DIC can be done with a simple rotation of the turret. The turret assembly can be easily removed for cleaning.

Redesigned WI objectives for IR-DIC Imaging. The diameter of the objectives are 17% slimmer than previous objectives, which provides easier access for micromanipulators and more specimen coverage in small chambers and Petri dishes. The objectives have longer W.D. of 2.5 to 3.5mm, including 3.0mm at 60x and 2.5mm at 100x taking full advantage of Nikon's CFI60 optical system.

Single Objective solution with new CFI75 16x/0.8 NA objective. The high NA CFI75 16x objective features a 3.0mm WD and allows high magnification observation without changing objectives. Magnification and field of view (up to 2mm) can be matched to your application with two new intermediate magnification modules. The new IR dual port module features a rear IR camera port iwth three built-in tube lenses of 0.35x, 2x and 4x. Combined with the CFI75 16x objective lens, the FN1 provides IR (above 750nm) images at 4x, 32, and 64x to your detector. Combined with a 45 degree approach angle and 3.0mm working distance, the FN1 provides a very versatile one lens solution for electrophysiology.

Minimized electronic noise and vibration. FN1 has reduced electronic noise by eliminating all wires inside the stand and implementing fiber optic diascopic illumination as the standard.


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*GIF animation at top is a conoscopic image of quartz captured through an E600pol microscope using the Nikon DXM-1200 digital camera.  Courtesy of Daniel Sparling, former employee and now clergyman in training