Epiphot 200/300 Nikon Inverted Metalurgical Microscope

Operator Friendly Design - Comfort and ease of operations were prime design considerations. Low stage position and universal joint stage handle contribute to smooth operation. Ergonomically located controls are within easy reach. The built-in interlocking aperture diaphragm automatically adjusts during brightfield/darkfield changeover.

Stable and Reliable - Cast steel microscope body, front and rear support of the stage, a low profile and a focusing nosepiece system, all make for a stable, rugged instrument.

CF Infinity Optical System - Each component of the CF system is individually corrected for aberrations, resulting in sharp and clear images. Over 40 objective lenses are available, from 1.5X to 200X.

Reticle Imprinting - Reticles are inserted at the primary image plane position so that the reticle remains in focus without being affected by the sample’s topography. Micrometer scales, grid and austenite reticles are available.

Several illumination options are available -brightfield, darkfield, Nomarski DIC, polarized light and epi-fluorescence lighting techniques are all available. Several illumination sources are available - quartz halogen, mercury, xenon and metal halide.

Documentation and image analysis with either model - The Epiphot-300 features a 2.5X zoom (0.8X to 2X) and built-in camera system. The large format camera back for sheet film and Polaroid® is located up-front. An optional 35mm camera back is also easily attached. Digital cameras can be added to the Epiphot-300 via the side port. Video, digital and film cameras can be added to the Epiphot-200 either through the side port or optional trinocular head


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*GIF animation at top is a conoscopic image of quartz captured through an E600pol microscope using the Nikon DXM-1200 digital camera.  Courtesy of Daniel Sparling, former employee and now clergyman in training