Nikon E200 POL Microscope

CFI60 Infinity Optical System - This system combines Nikon's renowned CF optical design with infinity optics to overcome the limitations of the traditional infinity design.

Reversed-type Nosepiece - provides more space of the stage to make specimen handling fast and easy.

Comfortable viewing - The Seidentopf-type eyepiece tubes (binocular or trinocular) is inclined at 30 degrees to ensure a natural posture resulting in more comfortable viewing.

Unique Refocusing Stage - When exchanging specimens, the stage can be dropped and return to its original position.

Easy Lamp Replacement - The E200 comes with a unique top-access 6V-20W halogen lamp. Simply slide open the lens unit cover to replace the lamp.

Solid construction - Greater rigidity and resistance to vibration due to the E200's one-piece casting and 188.5mm width.

Available with E2-TB Binocular or E2--TF Trinocular F Tube


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*GIF animation at top is a conoscopic image of quartz captured through an E600pol microscope using the Nikon DXM-1200 digital camera.  Courtesy of Daniel Sparling, former employee and now clergyman in training