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Nikon Coolscope

Nikon maintains a Coolscope in continuous operation at their Melville, NY headquarters.  To work with this unit through your internet browser click here



The COOLSCOPE VS lets users digitize entire glass slide specimens, or specific areas of interest, and then create a virtual slide with the quality
and resolution similar to the original glass slide viewed on a microscope. The results are high-resolution diagnostic quality digital images viewable through a PC or standard web browser, anywhere, anytime.  Bacus' WebSlide Server, a personal desktop Internet/Intranet server, is designed to provide virtual slides for access on a network through the COOLSCOPE VS. The server allows multiple users to observe a synchronized view of a particular slide along with an interactive pointer and discussion window.


New Virtual Slide software update allows the user to archive areas of a slide including z-depth.  This allows internet users top access the file as if they are moving around and focusing up and down on an actual microscope.

The COOLSCOPE operates with a simple click of the mouse on a monitor display. Direct the mouse cursor to the desired position on the macro image of the slide and the magnified image is displayed instantly! The intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI) enables one-click operation of both microscope and image-capture features.

There is no equipment setup, no software installation or optical adjustments necessary.

High resolution images are produced with high-density CCD digital-image technology and Nikon CFI Optics combined into a single ergonomic design.

The COOLSCOPE enables the user to capture images with various imaging features & camera modes (1.3M Progressive Mode at 7.5 frames/sec. max; 5M Interlaced Mode at 3.75 frames/sec. max.).

Memory feature enables the user to view and store up to 12 coordinate positions of the specimen slide and recall the exact image every time. The images can recall these exact observation conditions with the respective slide.

The Split Screen Display offers comparison of a still image to a live display on the same screen.

Quick automatic focus, and motorized-encoded specimen stage, aperture diaphragm, light intensity adjustment, auto white-balance control and motorized objective-magnification changer.

Enhanced web browser Graphic User Interface (GUI) enables full remote-access of the COOLSCOPE via its internal Ethernet 10/100 Base-TX port. Multiple users at remote sites can simultanesouly observe slides and save images. Restrict access using IP authority control. The COOLSCOPE opens new doors to remote-site consultation, shared access, and image retrieval with HTTP server, Telnet server, FTP server, FTP client, and DHCP compatibility. COOLSCOPE welcomes all PC and Mac computers with its platform-independent design.

Samples Observable: 1 slide glass preparation (up to 1.7mm total thickness including slide glass and specimen)

Compatible slide glass: Up to 1.2mm in thickness, 26mm in width, 76mm in length (ISO 8037 compliant)

Compatible cover glass: No. 1 or No. 1.5

Observation method: Transmitted brightfield

Observable area: Entire area of a slide glass preparation (26 x 76mm)

Image display mode: Macro (full slide glass preparation area) and Micro images (partial enlargement)

Optics: CF corrected infinity optics

Illumination: White LED

Focusing: Auto-focus and Manual

CCD: 2/3-in. CCD (total number of pixels: 5.24-megapixels; effective 5.07-megapixels)

CCD sensitivity: 2400 lx, f5.6 or greater (equivalent to ISO 260)

A/D conversion: 12-bit

Magnification changeover (motorized): On CCD, 5X, 10X, 20X, 40X (micro image)

Electronic zoom: During full-screen display. 1.4X, 2X, 2.8X, 4X, 16X (micro image)

Exposure control: Program AE with AE Lock

Metering: Average and Peak-hold

Image correction: White balance (method of setting color balance), gamma correction (4 steps), shading correction

Aperture setting: Auto and Manual

Output to external monitors: Analog RGB: SXGA (1280 x 1024, 60 Hz)

Live image display: 1.3M progressive mode (7.5 frames/sec. max.), 5M interlaced mode (3.75 frames/sec. max.)

Image size: 2560 x 1920 pixels or 1280 x 960 pixels

Image file format: BMP, JPEG compliant (3 compression rates selectable)

Recording media: Compact Flash card (Type I, Type II)

Network: Ethernet (10/100 Base-TX), HTTP server, TeInet server, FTP server, FTP client

Interface: USB 1.1 host port (USB mouse, USB keyboard)

Power source: AC 100-240V, 50/60 Hz

Power consumption: 120 VA

Weight: COOLSCOPE unit: approx. 18.5kg; 40.8 lbs.

Dimensions: COOLSCOPE unit: 184mm (w), 358mm (h), 383mm (l); 7.25in. (w), 14.1in (h), 15.1in (l)

Standard configuration: COOLSCOPE unit, power cord, Compact Flash card (32MB)

   Bacus Labs VS software


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