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Nikon C1Plus Confocal microscope system

Eliminate out of focus light and create complete 3D reconstructed images in biological fluorescence and other fields

Highest Optical Performance. The successful fusion of Nikon's optical and electronics technology enhances the C1's resolution, contrast and brightness. Images can be captured at up to 2048 by 2048 pixels resolution at a depth of 12 bits.

3-Channel Simultaneous detection. C1 supports simultaneous three channel confocal fluorescence detection while simultaneously capturing scanned transmission phase contrast or DIC images. Emission filters and dichroic beam splitters are easily exchanged by the user to accommodate the widest possible selection of fluorescent probes in varying combinations.

Compact design saves space. All main components are modular in design, keeping work area clutter to a minimum. The laser fixture, controller, computer, and detector module can be remotely located.

Modular design facilitates upgrades. A third laser, as well as additional dichroics, beam splitter modules, and photomultiplier tubes can be easily and inexpensively upgraded long after installation. A scanning transmission detector can be added after installation as well.

Optical fiber coupling. of the scan head, lasers, and detector module. A single mode optical fiber couples the scan head and the laser fixture. A single multi mode optical fiber couples the scan head with the detector module. Thus the scan head and microscope are mechanically separate from sources of mechanical vibration and the photomultiplier tubes are separated from heat sources on or near the microscope.

Intuitive software makes C1 easy to operate. The C1 software moves the most frequently accessed functions forward in the user interface. Processing and analysis features are easily accessed.

Advanced acquisition and analysis features. including time lapse, time course, 3D acquisition, 4D acquisition, volume rendering and rotation are all included in the standard software. Advanced processing and analysis including 2D and 3D blind deconvolution of confocal images is available.

The CFI60 Optical System. is used to produce images of unparalleled quality. The unique high numerical apertures, long working distances and high transmissions both in the UV and IR make it possible to acquire images that cannot be captured using lesser optical system designs.

Advanced accessories are available including a modular three laser fixture, a three PMT detector module, scanning transmission detector.

Four position pinhole turret. is computer controlled allowing the user to make the most advantageous selection balancing brightness and section optical thickness.

50nm steps along the Z axis. are possible whether you select a motorized microscope base from Nikon or an accessory Remote Focus Attachment. The fine step in Z is confirmed on motorized Nikon microscope bases through the use of a rotary encoder.

Notes on C1 setup and operation


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