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Nikon 90i Automated Microscope


Optical performance - Automation - Optimized for digital imaging - Ergonomics - Versatility

"Fly-eye" lens array built into the illumination optics creates uniform illumination throughout the visual field - perfect for digital imaging.

Plan Apo VC objectives offer the best performance among Nikons acclaimed CFI60 infinity corrected objectives - best for both human-eye observation and digital imaging.

The Universal Epi-Illuminator accessory has been totally redesigned to take advantage of technology advances in both transmission and signal-to-noise performance and produce sharper, fluorescent images. This illuminator accepts up to 6 reflectors that can be easily exchanged without tools. Balancing excitation intensity is also easy due to its optional continuously variable excitation light balancer slider. Glow-in-the-dark labels easily identify filter cube names and positions.

New DIC system accessory offers excellent resolution and uniform coloration at any magnification. It provides selection between high-contrast and high-resolution imaging capabilities, which are critical to many bioscience research applications.

The 90i offers high-precision, motorized operation, focusing, observation procedures and interactive control of the microscope and digital cameras.

The 90i meets the broad microscopy needs when configured with a Digital Imaging Head accessory. The DIH is an all-in-one unit that contains an integrated epi-fluorescence illuminator with six filter cube positions, electronic shutter, beam-splitter module, binocular body tube, dual detector ports for digital cameras, as well as confocal attachments and special detectors.

The ergonomically designed 90i offers comprehensive support. Especially when configured with additional ergonomic accessories such as the Ergonomic Eyepiece Tube, eye-level riser and new Ergo Controller.

i-Series Support Tool Software (included) will enable the user to configure and operate the microscope from a computer. The settings of the microscope are displayed in Graphic User Interface with representation of its components & current status.

Nikon ACT-2U Imaging Software may be integrated with the 90i digital microscope & DS-5Mc-U1 or DS-5M-U1 to enable a single software interface & Nikon integrated system for an efficient digital imaging user environment.

90i setup instructions


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