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New Eclipse Series 50i and 55i Microscopes

The Nikon Eclipse 50i is a culmination of Nikon's breakthroughs in optical technologies and precision engineering. With an array of powerful optics, this system not only ensures uniform brightness over the whole view field, it also achieves superb resolution to the peripheries. CF160 - tried and tested infinity optics. Highly acclaimed optics combine the CF design with infinity optics and utilize a 60mm parfocal distance, resulting in longer working distances and high N.A.'s, while producing crisp, clear images with minimal flare. The CF160 optics are perfect for both observations and capturing images with a digital camera, and they provide a flexible upgrade path to accommodate various accessories to meet individual applications.

A new optional DSC port can be combined with an ergonomic tilting/telescoping tube to balance user needs for image caputre and comfortable viewing. Including a 0.7x lens that is designed to optimize the image to the 2/3-inch CCD, the same area as that viewed through the eyepieces can be captured with a C-mount digital camera. A centering and focus adjustment mechanism is also provided.

Rock-solid stability: Utilizing computer-aided engineering (CAE), the new microscopes boast superb durability and stability, even during applications in which they are upgraded with various attachments.

The new ergonomic tube can be inclined from 10 degrees to 30 degrees and the eyepieces can be extended 40mm. This ensures optimum eye point and a comfortable viewing posture, regardless of the operator's physique or if intermediate modules are being used.

Refined stage has a stay-in-position stage handle, which stays at the same position without interfering with the stage movement. "Alumite," a new hardening treatment has been appiled to the stage surface to increase durability and smoothness. The refocusing stage eliminates the need to refocus the image manually each time the specimen is changed and the slide oiled, greatly improving productivity.

Easy access controls: Frequently used controls and switches for adjusting the field diaphragm and illumination intensity have been concentrated in the lower part of the right-hand side to minimize the operators hand movements and enable operation without having to take your eyes off the specimen.

The Ergo-View cytodiagnosis unit has been developed for easier and more comfortable cytology examinations, allowing fast and accurate motorized magnification changeover with hand switch, a unique quiet, vibration-free mechanism for magnification change ensures superb parfocality of images and no deviation in focusing, easy marking while observing the specimen through eyepieces, and quick exchange of slides with one hand is possible by using an optional specimen holder for one slide.